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Wednesday, 27 June 2012
The Success Of Penfield Clothing

Not Addicted have stocked Penfield Clothing since 2007 when very few stores in the UK actually stocked the brand. Back then it wasn’t a popular label and many of the wearers of today hadn’t even heard of it. There were only a few products available in the collection then and most of the few stores stocking the brand only bought into it a little bit with a few jackets and maybe the odd t shirt, shorts or accessory.

The above period was actually the second stint that Penfield was around in cool clothing shops in the UK as it had figured a bit in the mid 90s when The Gallagher brothers famously wore the brand but soon after it disappeared from this country.

Now 5 years on from its reappearance here Penfield has really caught on and is now a very popular brand with the cool trendy crowd and the brand can be bought in various stores up and down the country. The size of the collection has grown massively over the years and now offer numerous styles of jackets, shirts, t shirts, jumpers, shorts and accessories.

This shows how a brand can soon go from being pretty underground to being very popular.

Posted by not-addicted at 8:58 PM BST
Friday, 22 June 2012
Various Styles Of Edwin Jeans

Edwin Jeans are now one of the most popular Jeans brands in the UK with the cool kids who like to be seen in the best clobber.

The jeans started out life in 1947 but took many years to hit the UK but are now well recognised over here. As with all denim brands there are various types of fits of Jeans from the brand so there’s a pair for everyone.

Edwin ED55 Jeans are probably the most popular at the minute, these are a relaxed carrot fit jean. Another style that is currently on trend is Edwin ED71 Jeans, these are a straightish slim leg jean with a low rise. Styles that have been classics from the brand and remain popular whatever style is in fashion are Edwin ED47 Rainbow Selvage Jeans and Edwin Nashville Jeans both of which are a looser more roomy fit.

So those are just a few style of jeans that you can buy from the brand if you fancy trying a pair.

Posted by not-addicted at 3:15 PM BST
Sunday, 3 June 2012
Harrington Jackets

Harrington Jackets have been around since the 1930s when the very first ones were made by Baracuta in Manchester.

Over the years Harrington Jackets have come in and out of fashion and have been adopted by many dressers including Mods, Punks and Casuals to name a few but have also been popular with your average man in the street.

The popularity of the Jackets is probably down to how versatile they are as they can be worn easily with Jeans and Polo Shirts or smarter with Trousers and Shirts. Many clothing brands offer a Harrington Jacket in their collection so you can pay as much or as little as you fancy for one.

With the Harrington Jacket been around for 90 odd years now and worn by the likes of Elvis Presley were pretty certain they’ll still be around for many more years to come.

Posted by not-addicted at 6:31 PM BST
Monday, 28 May 2012

Norrona started out life back in 1929 when Jorgen Jorgensen started making simple products like canvas bags, leather straps and cotton clothing. Jorgensen had always been an outdoor enthusiast and had a passion for durable clothing and equipment.

Over the years the Norrona brand developed always offering functional, quality products and now over 80 years later is still going strong and is seen as a first class outdoor clothing brand.

Perhaps Norrona are best known for their jackets which range from around £100 to in excess of £500.

Although Norrona is historically an outdoor clothing brand some of the forward thinking trendy lads who favour the anorak style jackets and obscure labels have picked up on the brand and an Norrona jacket is now seen on a Saturday afternoon at the match.

Have a look at for a selection of Norrona Jackets.

Posted by not-addicted at 10:34 AM BST
Farah Vintage

Farah Vintage sprung the Farah brand back into life in 2007 when Perry Ellis who now own the brand saw the potential of the brand once again becoming popular with the young trendy crowd.

Previously favoured in the fashion spotlight by mods and casuals who often wore Farah slacks as an alternative to denim jeans, Farah Vintage was now to be targeted at the young style conscious lad who favoured clothing labels such as Lacoste, Ralph Lauren, Penguin, Lyle & Scott etc. As with all new things it was a slow start for Farah Vintage and only a handful of trendy independent clothing stores were stocking the brand but now nearly 5 years after the launch Farah Vintage is now a popular brand and is stocked in many stores around the country and online including all the big name stores.

One of the first stockists of Farah Vintage was

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Friday, 4 May 2012
Wood Wood

 Wood Wood came to life in 2002 in Denmark when 3 students launched the brand. Originally Wood Wood was just a store selling skateboards, toys, t shirts and books etc but on the back of the success of that they developed the clothing brand.

Over the 10 years Wood Wood have made some great pieces of clothing from shirts to wallets and jackets to shorts. A stand out piece that appears in many seasons collections in the Stockholm Jacket which has been tweaked a few times and made in various colours.

Many Scandinavian brands have come and gone over the years but Wood Wood seem to now be established and here for the long haul.

To see what Wood Wood have got on offer have a browse at

Posted by not-addicted at 4:10 PM BST

Since 1975 Penfield have been making clothing and in that 37 years the brand has become a cool label to be seen wearing in the UK and around the world.

Penfield was originally an outdoor clothing brand and thats still the background of the clothing and what they do best but as the brand has grown in popularity they have grown the collection and now offer a lot more product aimed at everyday life such as t shirts, jumpers, shirts, shorts etc.

Penfield really took off in the UK around 2010 but was seen about a bit in the mid 90s when the Gallagher brothers were often seen wearing Penfield jackets on stage during Oasis tours.

 Click Here to have a look at the Penfield collection.

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Updated: Thursday, 7 June 2012 10:44 AM BST
MA Strum

MA Strum is the clothing brand from the Massimo Osti Archives, Osti was the man responsible for Stone Island, CP Company, Left Hand and Bonville all of which are now seen as iconic brands.

As well as always being seen as popular fashion brands Osti’s brands have always had a big following with the football lads, the type who love to dress up in their best gear on a Saturday afternoon. MA Strum has proved to be no different to any previous brands and lads going to football with a taste for expensive casual clothing are now regularly seen in MA Strum Jackets.

If you just want a great looking technical jacket to stand out from the crowd or fancy yourself as a snappy football dresser MA Strum is a great brand for you.

Posted by not-addicted at 4:09 PM BST
Updated: Friday, 8 June 2012 2:21 PM BST
Friday, 27 April 2012
Edwin Jeans

If you’re a denim head or just after a good quality pair of jeans you can’t really go wrong with a pair of Edwin Jeans, whether you want a value bit of denim for £80 or premium Japanese Selvage denim with special washes Edwin Jeans can offer both ends of the scale.

Various fits are available in Edwin Jeans from Super Slim ‘ED88’ to Big Boys Loose Fit ‘Nashville’ so all shapes are catered for and leg lengths 30-36 available for the short and tall denim lover.

Another vast offering from Edwin Jeans is the washes available from raw unwashed denim to an intense wash like ‘Rusty Wash’.

So basically Edwin Jeans cater for all levels of denim requirements in all sizes, washes and fits and can be bought online at

Posted by not-addicted at 2:14 PM BST
Updated: Friday, 27 April 2012 2:14 PM BST
Thursday, 5 April 2012

The Spring/Summer YMC collection is in stock in quality clothing stores now. As usual from YMC there’s a great selection of Jackets, Shirts, T Shirts, Sweats and other great pieces.

Since YMC started in 1995 it has become popular with style conscious lads around the UK and is a firm favourite in many wardrobes. The popularity is probably down to the simple styles and great prices YMC offer, most of their clothing can be dressed up for a smarter look or dressed down for a casual affair.

If you’re an old fan of YMC or it’s a new brand to you have a look at the Spring/Summer 12 collection at and see what you think of it for yourself.

Posted by not-addicted at 2:00 PM BST

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