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Tuesday, 8 June 2010
Edwin Jeans at Not Addicted Clothing!!!!!

Edwin Jeans are seen as one of the finest denim brands around at present with all the cool kids want to be seen in the brand.

Brad Pitt has been the face in the advertising campaigns of Edwin Jeans for a while now and this has helped the success of the brand. The success isn’t just down to an A List celeb promoting the brand though Edwins main reason for success is down to the quality and value of their jeans.

The selection of Edwin Jeans available is massive with many different cuts and different denims, whether you like washed loose fit jeans or skinny raw denim jeans there’ll be a style for you in the Edwin Jeans range.

So if you’re in the market for a new pair of jeans at the minute we suggest you might give a pair of Edwin Jeans a go, why not have a look at and see if theres a pair that takes your fancy.

Posted by not-addicted at 2:57 PM BST
Garbstore Jackets for the Modern Man!!!

If youre in e market for a Garbstore Jacket look no further than

Not addicted have been stocking Garbstore Jackets since the day the brand began and really get the brand.

Ian Paley the mind behind Garbstore knows his stuff when it comes to menswear with Paul Smith, One True Saxon and Levi’s to name but a few on his CV. With that sort of experience he knows what the modern man wants in a jacket and with that now you’ll be hard pushed to beat Garbstore Jackets for design and functionality. For the last couple of season the Providence Mountain Parka has been at the helm of the jackets in the Garbstore collection and will be in there for the foreseeable future as its now becoming recognised as a classic jacket.

Although not cheap Garbstore Jackets are becoming ever more popular and youre seeing them pop up Saturday afternoons at the match or evenings in the bars.

So we suggest if you fancy taking the plunge for a new bit of outwear go for a Garbstore Jacket.

Posted by not-addicted at 2:56 PM BST
Thursday, 3 June 2010
Pointer Shoes at Not Addicted Clothing!!!

Pointer Shoesare a great option for theses summer months with some of their lighter weights styles just the ticket for the hotter weather.

Pointer Shoes can look great teamed up with denim, chinos or even shorts so whatever look youre into theyll go with your attire. Classic styles with modern twists are the key to Pointer Shoes silhouettes and whether youre a more urban cool kid or a classic dresser theres a style for you.

With uppers in various fabrics and colours, soles in high quality materials and lace up and slip on styles the collection of Pointer Shoes is ever growing!!

To slip into a pair of Pointer Shoes of your choice log onto for a great selection!!!!

Posted by not-addicted at 11:52 AM BST
Fjallraven Jackets at Not Addicted Clothing!!

Fjallraven Jackets are an awesome addition to any casual dressers wardrobe, in their classic cut styles and colours, theyre bang on for any occasion.

The brand famous for its arctic fox logo has been around since 1950 when they started making back packs now 60 years later Fjallraven Jackets are seen as a desirable item to anyone who knows their stuff when it comes to dressing.

The label was introduced to the more fashion side of the UK by the match going casuals who are always on the lookout for new brands and something a bit different, they were the first top get onto Fjallraven Jackets with the laddy styles and excellent quality and value for money making them even more appealing!!

Fjallraven Jackets have probably been seen of the back of some lads in the UK for 7 odd years now but to many its still an underground unheard of brand.

If you fancy another Fjallraven Jacket to add to your current collection or its your first from the brand checkout

Posted by not-addicted at 11:51 AM BST
Thursday, 27 May 2010
Penfield Jackets at Not Addicted Clothing!!!!!


Penfield Jackets are amongst the best jackets you can buy at the minute we believe. In 1975 in Hudson, Massachusetts Penfield was established and from then on they have been producing quality clothing at great prices.

The brand is historically know as an outdoor brand but over the years its developed into a fashion brand.

In 1996 Noel Gallagher wore a Penfield Jacket for Oasis’s now legendary gig at Maine Road and his outspoken brother Liam has also often been seen in a Penfield Jacket.

Nowadays Penfield Jackets can be bought in a select few casual clothes retailers across the country or online and are now favoured by match going lads who like to dress that bit smarter than the average Saturday afternoon football fan.

So whether you wear your Penfield Jacket for the hills or the match youre onto a winner either way.

Check out www.not-addicted for a great selection of Penfield Jackets.







Posted by not-addicted at 9:56 AM BST
Updated: Thursday, 7 June 2012 11:20 AM BST
Sergio Tacchini Track Tops at Not Addicted Clothing!!!


Sergio Tacchini Tracksuit Tops have been around for donkeys years i bet many of you older boys remember them from the 80s whether you were wearing it for school or stood on the terrace in it, maybe you’d had it as a special birthday present or nicked it from lilywhites, most young casual had to have one regardless of its hefty price tag.

John Mcenroe the 3 times Wimbledon champion was another fan of Sergio Tacchini Track Tops he chose Sergio Tacchini as his sponsor and always came out onto court wearing one of their Tracksuit Tops.

Many other sports stars have worn Sergio Tacchini Track Tops over the years at various levels of sport around the world.

Away from sport Sergio Tacchini Track Tops have hit the big screen at least a couple of times in Nick Loves films The Business where Danny Dyer was seen in many scenes wearing one and The Firm where top boy Bexy would sport a Sergio Tacchini Track Top to the match.

For great selection of Sergio Tacchini Tracksuit Tops check out

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Updated: Thursday, 27 May 2010 9:55 AM BST
Friday, 21 May 2010
Pointer Shoes for all occasions!!!



If youre looking for a pair of Pointer Shoes have got plenty to choose from. Pointers classic styles mixed with a modern twist are fastly become very popular with various types whatever fashion theyre into. Pointer Footwear appeals to a broad market from casual to street.

At Not Addicted the range includes the desert boot Cyril, the suede casual shoe Crago, the full leather chukka Benson, the indoor court style trainer Fairbank, the classic chukka come deck shoe Taylor and the all day long easy going AJS. Whether its something to knock about in at the weekend, wear out to town on Saturday night or dress down for the match im sure theres an ideal shoe for most peoples taste in that offering!!!!

Posted by not-addicted at 10:20 AM BST
Slazenger Heritage Clothing!!!



If youre after a classic piece of Slazenger Heritage clothing look no further than www.not –

The old school casual brand is now back and all the cool kids will very soon be all over it whether they fancy a jumper, polo shirt or track top they’ll want something with a the famous panther logo on.

Not Addicted’s range includes the plain and simple Cleek Polo Shirt, the tipped collar and sleeve Niblick Polo Shirt, the plain V Neck Lambswool Lytham Jumper, the Bing Cardigan and the tracksuit top famously worn by Damon Albarn in the Parlife Video the Blur.

We think you’ll agree whatever you fancy from the latest Slazo collection its covered in that little selection!!!!!!!

Posted by not-addicted at 10:19 AM BST
Monday, 17 May 2010
Fjallraven Clothing!!

If quality outdoor clothing is what youre after Fjallraven is the brand for you!!! The Swedish brand famous for its ‘Arctic Fox’ logo is one of the best value and quality clothing brands available at present. Once upon a time Fjallraven clothing would only be seen out and about in the hills or the cold climate countrys but now this has somewhat changed and it has become popular with trendy males in the UK especially the match going casuals. Football lads have always been big fans of jackets and coats and the more clued up ones have always wanted to be one step ahead of the game and wear a new brand, with its classic looking jackets with or without hoods Fjallraven became a natural choice for the trendy lad on the terraces on a Saturday afternoon.

With the most clued up dressers Fjallraven has probably been in their wardrobe for a good 6 years or so now but some of the younger lads or less knowledgeable are just getting into it now. Whether it goes proper mainstream or just a few more casuals get into the brand im sure we’re going to see Fjallraven about for a few more years yet!!!

For a great selection of Fjallraven check out

Posted by not-addicted at 3:13 PM BST
Fila Vintage Tracksuit Tops!!!!

Fila Vintage Tracksuit Tops have been popular over the years for various reasons. Originally designed for sport and favoured by tennis players including legend Bjorn Borg, from that players of all levels were choosing a Fila track top as their staple item of sports clothing.

Away from sport Fila Vintage tracksuit tops became very popular and soon became a fashion item of clothing with many young casuals wearing them to the match on a Saturday afternoon or just general dressers would be seen around town in a Fila track top.

Celebrity icons even got into this new casual sportswear fashion look, the most famous probably being Wham frontman George Michael appearing on ‘Top Of The Pops’ in a Fila Vintage Tracksuit Top.

Nick Love’s hit film ‘The Business’ set in Marbella was literally a Fila Vintage Fest with many scenes featuring Danny Dyer or Tamar Hassan wearing a Fila Vintage Tracksuit Top. Love did it again in 2009 when he remade the football hooligan film ‘The Firm’ and he changed the film to have a much more 80s Casual theme with characters wearing Fila Vintage Track Tops and Sergio Tacchini throughout.

Although the Fila brand and the casual look will go in and out of fashion as a look there will always be the original casuals who have got a Fila Vintage Tracksuit Top in their wardrobe and will be tempted to drop it on from time to time.

For a great selection of Fila Vintage Track Tops check out

Posted by not-addicted at 3:11 PM BST

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